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The Williams Gynecology Third Edition Study Guide is designed to assess comprehension and retention of information presented in the third edition of Williams Gynecology. The questions for each section have been selected to emphasize the key points from each chapter. In total, 1,793 questions have been created from the 46 chapters. Questions are in a multiple-choice format, and one single best answer should be chosen for each. With this edition, we have also included 243 color images as question material. Moreover, clinical case questions have been added to test implementation of content learned. At the end of each chapter, answers are found, and a page guide directs readers to the text section that contains the answer. We believe that our clinical approach to crafting questions translates into an accurate test of important clinical knowledge.

Claudia L. Werner
Debra L. Richardson
Stephanie Y. Chang
William F. Griffith
Cherine A. Hamid
David D. Rahn
Elysia Moschos
Barbara L. Hoffman

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