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Psychosocial Issues and Female Sexuality

True statements regarding the health of U.S. women compared with men include which of the following?

a. More women have less comorbid illness.

b. Women use health-care services with less frequency.

c. Women approach their physicians with psychiatric complaints more often.

d. All of the above

Which category of psychiatric disorders frequently accompanies reproductive disorders?

a. Mood disorders

b. Anxiety disorders

c. Alcohol or substance abuse

d. All of the above

A 30-year-old woman presents for a routine well-woman examination. When asked how she has been during the past year, she reports difficulty dealing with the death of her father, military overseas deployment of her spouse, and financial concerns. She admits to daily feelings of sadness and decreased pleasure in most activities that used to make her happy, particularly those involving her children and job. You suspect a major depressive episode. Additional diagnostic criteria for this disorder do NOT include which of the following?

a. Insomnia

b. Poor concentration

c. Compulsive, repetitive behaviors

d. Inappropriate guilt or feelings of worthlessness

An anxiety disorder is more common in U.S. women than men and is the most prevalent mood disorder group. What is the approximate lifetime prevalence rate of anxiety disorder in the United States?

a. 0.15 percent

b. 3 percent

c. 15 percent

d. 30 percent

A 24-year-old woman complains of feeling constant anxiety regarding her own health and that of her family, social interactions, performance at work, her future career direction, and a host of other issues. She has been experiencing these feelings on most days for the past 9 months. What additional symptoms are included in the diagnostic criteria for a generalized anxiety disorder?

a. Irritability

b. Disturbed sleep


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