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Treatment of the Infertile Couple

Which of these statements regarding infertility is FALSE?

a. Women are affected more than twice as often as men.

b. Around 10 to 15 percent of the reproductive-aged population is infertile.

c. Early evaluation after only 6 months may be justified for certain medical conditions or for women aged 35 years or older.

d. Infertility generally is defined as the inability to achieve successful pregnancy after at least 12 months of regular, unprotected intercourse.

A 28-year-old nullipara who has been seeking pregnancy is diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). She is generally healthy, but her body mass index (BMI) is in the obese range. Which of the following should be recommended as first-line management of her anovulation?

a. Gonadotropins

b. Clomiphene citrate

c. Weight loss and exercise

d. Insulin-sensitizing agents

Obesity increases the risk of which of the following pregnancy complications?

a. Birth defects

b. Cesarean delivery

c. Unexplained stillbirth

d. All of the above

A very health-conscious patient is seeking pregnancy and asks about the best diet to follow at this time. She is overwhelmed by all the advice available from friends, books, and magazines. Which of the following nutritional strategies is most strongly recommended for women attempting pregnancy?

a. High protein diet

b. Dietary antioxidants

c. Folic acid supplementation

d. Complex carbohydrate restriction

A 27-year-old woman is diagnosed with a pituitary microadenoma during evaluation of secondary amenorrhea. She subsequently begins a dopamine agonist and becomes pregnant. Which of the following is the best management of her adenoma during this pregnancy?

a. Resect the pituitary adenoma.

b. Suspend dopamine agonist therapy.

c. Continue medical therapy with bromocriptine.

d. Obtain pituitary imaging ...

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