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Principles of Chemotherapy

In which phase of the cell cycle, do protein synthesis, RNA synthesis, and DNA repair occur?

a. M

b. S

c. Gap 1 (G1)

d. Gap 2 (G2)

Compared with normal cells within the same tissue, tumor cells have which characteristic that leaves them more vulnerable to chemotherapy?

a. Greater cell membrane permeability

b. Faster completion of the cell cycle

c. Slower completion of the cell cycle

d. A greater percentage of cells in active phases of replication

Which of the following tumors is LEAST susceptible to chemotherapy?

a. Metastatic tumor

b. Large primary tumor mass

c. Nonpalpable, microscopic tumor

d. Residual tumor after optimal surgical debulking

Patients with an advanced malignancy and no feasible alternative treatment option can be treated with which type of chemotherapy?

a. Salvage

b. Adjuvant

c. Induction

d. Consolidation

In what clinical scenario would consolidation chemotherapy be used?

a. Treating recurrent disease

b. Decreasing the extent of disease prior to surgical resection

c. Preventing relapse after elimination of cancer with the initial therapy

d. Destroying remaining microscopic cells present after primary tumor resection

Which of the following is NOT a benefit of combination chemotherapy?

a. Providing maximum cell kill

b. Minimizing the emergence of drug resistance

c. Decreasing adverse side effects and toxicities

d. Increasing effectiveness in attacking heterogeneous populations of cells


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