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Principles of Radiation Therapy

Which of the following is NOT a role of radiation therapy in the management of gynecologic cancers?

a. Primary treatment of vulvar cancer

b. Primary treatment of cervical cancer

c. Curative treatment of cervical cancer metastases

d. Postsurgical adjunctive therapy of endometrial cancer

Which of the following statements regarding electromagnetic radiation is FALSE?

a. An electromagnetic wave is defined by its mass.

b. A gamma ray is an example of electromagnetic radiation.

c. Electromagnetic radiation is commonly used in brachytherapy.

d. Electromagnetic radiation can be produced by both a linear accelerator and a radionuclide.

Which of the following are NOT used in particle radiation?

a. Photons

b. Electrons

c. Pi mesons

d. Helium ions

A 41-year-old woman presents with pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding. Abdominal computed tomography (CT) is performed, diagnosing her with cervical cancer as shown below. When planning the radiation therapy used to treat this tumor, what type of particle would be the most effective? B = bladder; C = cervix.

a. Proton

b. Neutron

c. Electron

d. π meson

Which of the following radionuclides is NOT used in brachytherapy?

a. Cobalt

b. Cesium

c. Iridium

d. Phosphorus

Which of the following statements regarding linear accelerators is NOT true?

a. Radiation is emitted by nuclear decay.

b. Radiation is produced in the form of photons.

c. Radiation is produced ...

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