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Minimally Invasive Surgery

What are common indications for diagnostic laparoscopy?

a. Pelvic pain evaluation

b. Pelvic mass assessment

c. Diagnosis and staging of endometriosis

d. All of the above

Which of the following is the threshold above which the abdomen typically is NOT insufflated during laparoscopy?

a. 8 mm Hg

b. 15 mm Hg

c. 20 mm Hg

d. 25 mm Hg

During laparoscopy, what operative step is performed first after safe initial abdominal entry is confirmed?

a. Identify the appendix

b. Examine the upper abdomen

c. Place the patient in Trendelenburg position

d. Examine the area directly below the primary trocar entry site for evidence of bleeding or trauma

Preoperative methods to prevent conception prior to laparoscopic sterilization include which of the following?

a. Perform surgery in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle

b. Provide effective contraception well in advance of surgery

c. Provide mifepristone 600 mg in a single dose prior to the surgical procedure

d. All of the above

What counseling points should be discussed in the consenting process for laparoscopic sterilization?

a. The possibility of future regret

b. Other reversible methods of contraception

c. The effective yet permanent nature of tubal sterilization

d. All of the above

At the time of hysterectomy, a Falope ring is seen loosely adhered to the fallopian tube. Which of the following statements is true regarding this method of sterilization?

a. Sterilization is achieved by necrosis and ...

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