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When a standardized evaluation including autopsy, placental pathology, and testing of maternal and fetal tissues such as karyotype is conducted, in what percent of stillbirths can a probable or possible cause be identified?

a. 34%

b. 58%

c. 76%

d. 90%

Which of the following requirements must be met for reporting a fetal death in all U.S. states?

a. Weight >350 grams

b. Weight >500 grams

c. Gestational age >20 weeks

d. None of the above—the requirements vary by state

What was the most common cause of stillbirth in the Stillbirth Collaborative Research Network Study?

a. Undetermined

b. Fetal malformations

c. Placental abnormalities

d. Obstetrical complications

Which of the following is considered a risk factor for stillbirth?

a. Obesity

b. Nulliparity

c. Advanced maternal age

d. All of the above

Which of the following maternal risk factors carries the highest risk of stillbirth?

a. Prior stillbirth

b. Chronic hypertension

c. Cholestasis of pregnancy

d. Systemic lupus erythematosus

A 28-year-old primigravida with uncomplicated prenatal care presents to the labor unit at 38 weeks’ gestation with contractions and decreased fetal movement. A diagnosis of fetal demise is made. Which of the following is true regarding establishing a cause of stillbirth?

a. May aid maternal coping

b. Allows accurate counseling regarding recurrence risk

c. May prompt therapy or intervention to prevent a similar outcome in a future pregnancy

d. All of ...

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