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Neoplastic Disorders

What is the most common cancer diagnosed during pregnancy?

a. Lymphoma

b. Breast cancer

c. Thyroid cancer

d. Cervical cancer

What is the threshold radiation dose for intellectual disability at 8–15 weeks’ gestation?

a. 0.06 Gy

b. 0.10 Gy

c. 0.20 Gy

d. 0.25 Gy

You are caring for a pregnant woman with invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast who is undergoing chemotherapy and is currently 28 weeks. How many weeks in advance of her planned delivery would you recommend holding her chemotherapy?

a. 1 week

b. 2 weeks

c. 3 weeks

d. There is no reason to hold her chemotherapy prior to delivery.

A pregnant woman transfers to you at 20 weeks’ gestation. She was diagnosed with lymphoma in the first trimester and is currently receiving chemotherapy. Due to severe anemia, her hematologist-oncologist is administering erythropoietin alfa. What side effect should you be most careful to watch for during her prenatal care course?

a. Hypertension

b. Oligohydramnios

c. Gestational diabetes

d. Fetal-growth restriction

A 32-year-old G0 who was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer and is preparing to start chemotherapy and radiation presents to your office to discuss fertility-sparing options. Which of the following options would you not recommend as a well-established fertility-preserving option?

a. Cryopreservation

b. Surgical transposition of the ovaries

c. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist administration

d. All of the above should be recommended

Which of the following cancer treatment modalities has a clear and consistent link with adverse obstetrical outcomes?

a. Abdominopelvic radiation


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