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Since the publication of the sixth edition, there have been major new developments and improved understanding of a variety of obstetric and gynecologic disorders. Concomitantly, there have been significant improvements and innovations in sonographic imaging. A few examples of this include 3D/"live 3D" imaging, more sensitive Doppler techniques, and evaluation of the pelvic floor with 3D/4D sonography.

The editors have endeavored to revise and enhance this "mega-project" to include both a standard textbook and an associated Website containing dynamic studies and up-todate information on an extensive list of topics. I hope that the readers/Web users will gain much insight into the sonographic application in obstetrics and gynecology by using this educational material. In each chapter, we have endeavored to optimize the potential for learning by including key definitions and a clinical correlate, and by highlighting important references. While using this textbook and Website, please continue to question and think creatively, and ultimately contribute to improving women's health.

Arthur C. Fleischer, MD
Nashville, Tennessee
May, 2010

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