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Thank you to all the readers of Obstetric Intensive Care Manual, Editions 1-3, for making this fourth edition a reality. Through your comments, suggestions, corrections, and constructive input, this fourth edition has evolved as a practical, up-to-date, user-friendly bedside resource.

Previous editions have helped many of us prepare for the Board exams and more importantly, served as a resource for obstetric providers at the bedside to provide well-informed patient care.

This fourth edition introduces new authors, updated content, and an additional chapter—all implementing the best available evidence.

Although the book is no longer pocket-sized, electronic versions which are available on tablets, iPads, and even smartphones, make the overall portability even greater, adding to the book's bedside utility.

I am indebted to my mentors, Drs. Fred Zuspan, Steven Gabbe, and Daniel O'Keeffe for their support during the evolution of my career and the production of all editions of this book.

I am also thankful for the input provided by the Obstetric and Gynecology residents at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center as they assessed the real-world practical utility of each chapter in this fourth edition.

I am additionally grateful to all the authors (past and present) and my coeditors for making this fourth edition the very best!

Please keep in mind that obstetric critical care requires a team approach. A collaborative care model utilizing intensive care medicine, anesthesiology, cardio/pulmonary/renal specialties, and skilled nursing, etc., is paramount to successful practice and outstanding care provision.

The women's health provider, armed with the knowledge within this book, may play the important role of "Quarterback" of this multidisciplinary team!

And as in the previous editions.........

To know what you do not know is best.

To pretend to know when you do not know is disease.

Lao Tzu

As educators and caregivers, we must strive to capably manage and understand the true essence of "disease."

Michael R. Foley, MD
Paradise Valley, Arizona

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