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Michelle Aristizabal, MD, FACOG, is a board-certified General Obstetrician and Gynecologist in Montclair, New Jersey. She runs a busy, private practice with a special focus on supporting women who desire low-intervention, unmedicated births. Dr. Aristizabal earned her medical degree from the University of Arizona and completed her obstetrics residency training at Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, New Jersey. As an attending physician, she has worked tirelessly to expand the acceptance of natural birth practices within her local medical community and educates medical students and resident physicians in alternative labor management techniques. When she’s not delivering babies, she and her husband of fourteen years are busy with their own two incredible children, who fill their lives with much hilarity and love. Dr. A, as she’s known to her patients, also enjoys hiking, archery, and various creative pursuits, including painting and writing poetry and fiction.

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